Sunday, August 20, 2006

SB Stash

I finally have received my SB monthly club!After waiting for months for the charms to be ready I had January-July come all at once. I barely restrained from ripping them all open, they are such cute little packages! I thought the best way to motivate myself to stitch it was to complete each month before opening the net, and before adding the monthly charm and drop to the charm bracelet. I'm so excited to start, I've only seen the January motif and this looks like it will be so cute!! Besides, I want to put the charms on the bracelet! The bracelet is beautiful and they were very generous with hardware for it. I have to finish my flag and my nautical fence before I start :/ Also, it's past time for Xmas stitching to commence. This working at home nonsense makes it impossible to get anything done!!!!

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