Monday, May 19, 2008


Here's my progress on SB 2006 fob. I have picked a pattern for the Fair & Square exchange after much research on my partner's blog and am so excited! I have gotten my working copy ready, now to find fabric and finish the edges. I don't normally do that, am wishing I had time for someone else to do it, lol. I'm so sloppy, sometimes I surprise myself. Ordered a few Diane Williams (LHN) patterns I didn't have today, her older ones from Leisure Arts.

I will camping at family camp and also have cub scout day camp this weekend/next week so I won't be blogging much nor stitching. In fact, I may not make it back alive. Leave a comment if you'd like to be included in my will for some stash ;)

Teacher gifts are a no-sew this year, not enough hours in the night/day whatever. I am thinking gift cards, too bad!

Picture from the cub scout fire station visit last weekend. We had a disturbing incident with our oldest son, his friend's parents were trying to take him to a concert when we'd already said no weeks ago. My son was honest, although more than likely because he was worried he'd get caught, but honesty is honesty, I won't worry about motivation. I always wondered who those parents were who drink and "dally" (shall we say) with their kids friends, now I know!

Memorable moment of the weekend: My 90 year old grandfather learning to bowl on the Wii (not my grandfather in the pic).

Lastly, Von asked me about the engraved gingher scissors that I bought to go along with the 2006 fob, I'll have to hunt them up so you can see! Check out her blog, she has the cutest grandbaby!

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

How many times I can use a bad pun

I had applied to join the Fair & Square stitchers in April and hadn't heard back from them so I checked the blog, and found I had a partner! I checked out her blog (Martha B., AWESOME quilts and other needlework) and was busily trying to decide what to stitch. The lightbulb slowly appeared, I'd never heard from Vonna about my partner, and so I emailed her. Apparently gmail has been such a good spam guard that it ate both Martha and Vonna's many emails to me. I knew it ate Yahoo Group mail and had to re-route my mail through an alternate addy to get, but to eat my exchange mail???? Not Fair (pun intended). Vonna was very gracious about the problem, she and Martha had quite fairly (hee, hee) assumed that I was no longer interested. She has very kindly offered to partner with me or let me wait for another exchange. I will no doubt keep you posted!

Now if only I could find a neighborhood RR to join! All my stitching friends have grown apart and moved on to quilting it seems like :/ If anyone wants to start one with me, I have really good references on the Stitchers Report card as well as all the exchanges and RRs I was involved in a few years ago on various Yahoo groups.

I started the SB 2006 shop exclusive fob but have already had a few issues--I'm using 28 ct. Khaki Jobelan which is lovely but I haven't worked on 28ct in awhile, it seems huge. Also SB generally kits with 32ct. and has you use one strand of floss so I was worried I'd run out using 28ct, but I think it will be fine. They are generous with their kit materials.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

In the Way Back Machine

Happy belated Mother's Day to all the mothers and mother-like bloggers out there! Lovely flowers I got from my Aunt Sharon, so thoughtful of her!

Stepping into the way back machine--here is my new project. I have pretty much finished the ski hat ornie, I need to add beads. I realized I didn't really read instructions well on this one, although honestly they are really unclear to me! I was supposed to (I think) do another 4 tree/snowflakes to make the complete hat. I tried to do the backstitching at the bottom and it looks awful, so I think I am going to try to make a mini-hat and see what happens. Since my finishing skills are not that great, this should be entertaining for everyone but me.

But back to the new project, it's the Shepherd's Bush 2006 fob. Why so much SB you ask? They are all kittted up so I can snag them and go, and also they have a lot of small pieces--I'm so stitching-shy lately I don't want to scare myself with a BAP, or a MAP, lol. I went to find a photo and realized I can't find one online! So I took a crappy photo of the kit for posterity. I did notice on the chart when I opened it, it says not to be resold or put on Ebay. Now I never would, I don't part with anything, but I wonder how many people read/care about that fine print. The kit comes with white fabric, which is blah to me, but for some reason I am digging the idea of white. So have I lost my mind? Btw, I did buy the yummy $40 engraved scissors to go along with the fob (I blame SB for my current scissor fascination) but I really don't want it to be a fob. Or an ornie. Or a needlebook. Or a pinkeep. Or a pincushion. It seems to me that leaves framing, lol. Luckily I have the entire garage frame shop at my disposal and I will be glad to use up one more frame.

Friday, May 09, 2008

I had a doctor and lab appointment yesterday so had lots of time to work on the ski hat. I felt like I got a ton done, but I really only did about 2 snowflakes more (when you add the one and then the two halves together, lol). Seri has an appointment today so I hope to finish the last one and get started on the stitches below. They're supposed to be hardanger but I think I'll probably just stitch the backstitch, otherwise the inside of the ski hat (or lining) will show.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Crackle, crackle

That is the sound of me being burned out! I am SO tired of people, stupid people especially.

I have no progress on the SB Live heart finish, I don't know what to finish it as. I have done several other small hearts of theirs and framed them and put them in my bathroom, I suppose this could go in there if:
A) I reframe one of the hearts which frame does not look good with the other frames
B) I have two frames to match the first frame, one for the old heart to reframe, one for the new finish
C) I can find my way into the bathroom in the first place. In the "great house flood of '07" I boxed up a bunch of stuff which now lives a semi-boxed existence in my bedroom/bathroom. The toilet in there wasn't working and the shower needed work so it all made sense at the time. Of course, now that we might get some stimulus money I'd like to repair said items but must burn down and rebuild my bedroom first because there is NO way it will ever be clean. *Sigh*

Here is my lost and forgotten WIP of Mrs. Moriarty's ski hat, sadly the green floss is not with it, hopefully I won't need it? It was all together in a zipped bag, how can it not be there? I would like to put some stitches into it, but then I remembered:

especially. And people's badly behaved brats, ahem, children. People suck! What I wouldn't give to go back to working at home, happy as a hermit with my laptop in my cave. I could be one of those crazy ladies that lives in one room of their house with all their dogs, patterns piled to the ceiling, floss tangled under my feet to make a carpet, and needles tucked into my bedsheets. All I need is a mini-fridge and a microwave, I can have groceries and laundry delivered.

Monday, May 05, 2008

SB Live finished

It's done! Because I announced to the world my goal, I did finish it this weekend. I also did some work in the office and laundry room. I'm trying not to be depressed that you can't tell I did work, and that I don't have a clue on what to do with stuff. Little by little, I know it will get done because IT HAS TO!

So what next? I did find a UFO from Christmas, I didn't even remember working on! It's Mrs. Moriarty's Ski Hat from Moss Creek in an older JCS ornament issue. I was thinking I should work on it, most of it is backstitch, and the colors I picked are really pretty. Wish me luck!

I am working up the nerve to release a few new designs, although I may have missed my window since they are wedding/anniversary type stitches, but are pretty close to one-nighters so they would make good gifts. Hmmmmm....

On the blogging front, I've noticed Petra has closed down, and she and other stitchers on 123 MB have said that blogging takes up stitching time. I thought about this for awhile, but have decided that blogging is actually good for me. First off, it gives me motivation, whether I'm reading someone's or writing my own. And secondly, I recently went back and read some of my first posts, what a great mini-journal of my stitching and my life. I'd have no idea what projects I had completed and when without this blog. So for now, my blog is safe!

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Friday, May 02, 2008

Had a flat tire and got to put in a few minutes work while I was waiting for the new one to be installed. I didn't have scissors so the back is messier than I would like but I AM stitching at least! If I don't finish this weekend, someone please shoot me! I must be the slowest stitcher ever.

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