Wednesday, May 14, 2008

How many times I can use a bad pun

I had applied to join the Fair & Square stitchers in April and hadn't heard back from them so I checked the blog, and found I had a partner! I checked out her blog (Martha B., AWESOME quilts and other needlework) and was busily trying to decide what to stitch. The lightbulb slowly appeared, I'd never heard from Vonna about my partner, and so I emailed her. Apparently gmail has been such a good spam guard that it ate both Martha and Vonna's many emails to me. I knew it ate Yahoo Group mail and had to re-route my mail through an alternate addy to get, but to eat my exchange mail???? Not Fair (pun intended). Vonna was very gracious about the problem, she and Martha had quite fairly (hee, hee) assumed that I was no longer interested. She has very kindly offered to partner with me or let me wait for another exchange. I will no doubt keep you posted!

Now if only I could find a neighborhood RR to join! All my stitching friends have grown apart and moved on to quilting it seems like :/ If anyone wants to start one with me, I have really good references on the Stitchers Report card as well as all the exchanges and RRs I was involved in a few years ago on various Yahoo groups.

I started the SB 2006 shop exclusive fob but have already had a few issues--I'm using 28 ct. Khaki Jobelan which is lovely but I haven't worked on 28ct in awhile, it seems huge. Also SB generally kits with 32ct. and has you use one strand of floss so I was worried I'd run out using 28ct, but I think it will be fine. They are generous with their kit materials.

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