Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Adventures with Ketchup or This will be funny next week

Signs you should have stayed in bed:

-You step out of bed and step onto a packet of ketchup, which promptly pops under your pixie-like weight (snort), and sprays your legs, the bed, the walls, the dog, and your nightshirt. You pause to wonder how that much ketchup could possibly be in a bitty little packet. You stagger gracefully into the bathroom to shower, dragging the dog along with you. You accuse said dog of dragging the packet into the bedroom to begin with. The accused simply smiles a doggy smile.

-You are ready for the day and sit on the couch--in dog vomit. You utter a few choice words, the dog smiles, and you stomp off to change.

-When complaining about the ketchup (there is nothing like a bit of squishy squishy between your toes to truly wake a person), your daughter corrects you--it was TACO sauce, Mooooooooommm. Oh...of course...that makes this normal and acceptable...silly me. Remind me to leave some taco sauce in her room tonight by her bed...the hot kind! Taco Bell 4th meal, here I come!

There's nothing worse than being sick enough to watch TV but too sick to stitch, it's quite torturous. On the bright side, it gave me plenty of thinking time for designing. I'm excited about all the new ideas I have and some new releases I finally have planned.

Above and below are my meager progress on my WIPS, the few lucid moments I had I stitched and frogged. I have to say I love silks, the stitches look so nice on the fabric! I only have one row to go on the SB Tiny Flag, so close! I am still fighting the LHN threads, they are determined to look gosh-awful no matter what methods I use. Speaking of gosh awful, I don't know why my camera won't photo needlework without being blurry, I will have to practice so that I can stop tormenting us all.

In an effort to shame myself into cleaning, here is a long awaited example of the disarray my office is in. I do keep my designer materials nice and tidy, it's just my personal stash that is out of control. Feel free to click for a close-up of chaos.

Lastly, my son graduated from the Teen Police Academy over the weekend. We have been after him about his hair for months but thought it was one of those battles not worth fighting. I did plan on having him cut it before school starts but he got it done himself.

Before photo from the skate park last month with the shaggy 70s hair:

After photo with him and an instructor at his Teen Police academy graduation (practicing his Tough Teen stare):

Totally different kid, right? No one recognizes him now, even his great grand-mother was confused.

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

This is the part where I don't function for a few days...

I've ditched out on my contest! I am so sick and have been all week, no wonder I was feeling so tired on Monday. I seem to have a much abbreviated summer flu, new symptoms every 12 hours ;) I am so proud of me!

Since I had 3 commentees, I will be sending all 3 a "It's Tracy's birthday" package. Please email your full names and snail mail addys:
stitchesnstones @ aol . com (remove spaces)

I know I will not be mailing these for a few days to a week or so as I have yet to do much more than move from couch to bed all week. On the bright side, food is tasteless and uninteresting so perhaps the "flu diet" will give me some results in the waistband region. I think I've been sick twice in the past month, obviously I'm doing something wrong or hanging out with really germy people.

I did pull out SB Tiny Flag and put in just enough stitches to need to frog it. Flu and counting don't really mix for me, sadly.

There seems to be a lot of sad pet news this week in blogland, and we did not escape unscathed. My parents' dog passed away unexpectedly and peacefully yesterday afternoon.

Kyler Samuel 2001-2008
You will be missed old friend.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday, Monday

That's how I'm feeling today after the weekend: falling asleep in my chair ;) A coworker has very kindly let us use his pool while he is out of town for the next month or so. Yes, we spent a good chunk of time there trying to cool off. I picked up Tuna (daughter) and her friends from camp (you can't imagine how happy she was we'd saved several days of unwashed dishes for her return). I got the stash weeded a bit and have quite a few leaflets and older Cross Stitch and Country Crafts (with those awesome stocking masterpieces) ready to list somewhere to sell. My brother flew into town for an hour to pick up his daughter as he has custody for a few months so we had a nice family breakfast.

No stitching to speak of...here is where I am stalled at (ok, I have actually done more than this but not much):

Had to share a photo of what my oldest son does when stuck at my work since I shared Chase's clubhouse under my desk:

I hope to get some stitching in today, so many projects that need starting!

I was asked what I wanted for my birthday...what I was hoping for was enough cash to get any of these:
-Bianca ginghers 4"
-SB exclusive 2008 fob
-SB Bianca ginghers engraved 4"

I'll have to work harder on my stash sale!

Speaking of scissors, I'd been asked for a photo of the SB engraved awhile back--I am still looking. I did buy a rubbermaid keeper for my scissor collection a few weeks back so now I need to round up my scissors. It looked like an impossibly large box but since most of my scissors are in the gingher cases still I wonder if it will fill up quickly. Not sure how to store my other 4" scissors that are not in cases, anyone have ideas?

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Friday, July 11, 2008

A Very Merry Unbirthday Contest or Whine much?

I'm home! Feels so good to not have to be planning out the next trip or stress over details. I will admit now, I tote projects around every day, not a stitch was made, not during the classes they taught the boys at camp, nor the 4 hour car rides as we cruised Flagstaff, Williams, Sedona, and Phoenix, nor the quiet (rainy) evenings camping, NADA. I did manage to get a few stitches in last night though.

My 3 year blogiversary and 30-something birthday passed while I was camping. I hope you will indulge me as I whine about my birthday-no one remembered it except my DH's aunt who called and sang to me on my voicemail (what a hoot!) and my in-laws who sent me a gift and card (they are the BEST in-laws one could ask for). At first I thought they were going to surprise me but since we're almost 2 weeks past my birthday (and I've been home for 8 days!) I no longer think that's plausible. I will admit to being bummed out, I don't need gifts but it would be nice to be remembered on my special day (especially by my DH and kids, who also did not celebrate Mother's Day).

Anyway, to celebrate, I will be giving away two mystery gifts to anyone who comments from now till next Tuesday. I will have a drawing Wednesday morning and announce the winners then.

This would be the stash I bought myself in honor of my birthday with last year's gift certificate at All in Stitches (which has moved into a great new shop right by my house). I am lucky that here in Tucson we have 3 great LNS': The Busy Needle (Northwest side), All in Stitches (Eastside), and The West (Northeast side). I never get to the Busy Needle anymore because it take so long, a good hour with traffic, and my old clunker can barely putt around let alone handle that kind of drive in this heat. I miss seeing everyone there though, very friendly and great stuff (they're the ones that introduced me to Diane Williams way back when, and also where I finally met Sharon Crescent of Crescent Colours in person). They have always been very supportive of my designing! The West is a non-profit needlework/gift shop with proceeds going to battered women and other great causes. They have a good selection of stitching and fibers and also great staff. They hosted my first trunk show and showed me the ropes in that arena and were very good to me. All in Stitches is much newer--I applaud their bravery as so many shops are closing for her to open one. I know Terry (the owner) much better than the other shops as she's close to me and also because we've spent lots of fun time together at the Nashville market. She always has designers I've never heard of and keeps everything well stocked.

Some of my ebay stash were some JCS mags, this one I just LOVE. The Peace ornie really calls to me, I know it's simple but that's part of the beauty of it. Then as a bonus, I found this ornament (below) by Prairie Schooler which is really classic PS:

Now I need to get stitching as I have tons of projects and no time and I'm not getting anywhere fast enough!!!!!

My kids spend a lot of time at my work because the youngest are in a summer camp program that is held at my work in the mornings. My other son takes the bus to my work from summer school to keep him out of trouble. I generally only work till 1:30pm so they hang in the nursery or youth room or playground (perks of working at a large church!). Yesterday I worked much longer than usual and Chase got bored of playing by himself so he built a clubhouse:

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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Manana freebie

I am putting off all my chores till Monday, and I created a little freebie to celebrate a relaxed, summer "Manana" kind of attitude. Hope you enjoy!


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