Thursday, February 07, 2008

Goals for February

I only have one goal: stitch SOMETHING, ANYTHING! Doesn't even need to be finished, just stitch. I have been reading blogs and looking at stash and feel close to motivated. I had to hand sew some seams ripping in my DH's shirt on Saturday night and I think it felt good to have a needle and thread, although it was boring to be mending, lol. I have lost all my WIPs, so will have to find as I hate to start new. I got so much new stash for Christmas, and so many things I want to start, but nothing screaming to be done.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Acorns and Mittens

OK, so has anyone actually ever sat and thought about Cross Eyed Cicket's acorns and mittens? I happen to love them, but I really realized today while looking at them online "en masse", they're kinda weird. I'd love to stitch each one, but can you imagine the collection of bizarre little holiday acorns? Or half creature acorns? Sadly, in my house, they'd fit just fine...
The really weird thing is that I had the cutest acorn that looked like an owl to use on this post and now I can't find it anywhere. Does this mean I have now come to the point of imagining CEC acorns? Can anyone tell me, does this exist? Augh! I have looked at their site so much today I think I must be crazy.

On a totally unrelated note, I found out the church that reimbursed us for food we prepared and served at the homeless shelter is no longer funding us. I'm really sad, with the economy etc. I don't see us being able to buy food for 40 people two times a month on our own very much longer. I have asked the shelter if they know of anyone willing to donate materials or who needs help serving. I guess I should be glad that this might give me a little more free time or perhaps a chance to do something else also worthwhile. I know it will work out the way it's supposed to, sometimes it's so hard to wait for that though!

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