Wednesday, October 07, 2009

EEK! Wip and a fire

So here what I've been working on since Sunday - Amy Brueken Design's EEK! from the JCS '09 Halloween issue (camera phone, sorry).  I'm using Crescent Colours for threads and a funky piece of green with some purple and light orange that I dyed.  I really like him and I liked the little neck spikes/spider accessory pack that you could order from the designer until I realized that 1) I couldn't find one online and 2) it's only the neck spikes and spider LEGS in the pack, I'd still have to hunt down the spider body.  JABC spider button, here I come!  

On the weird side, I just set something on fire in my office.  FYI, don't put fabric in a microwave ;)  It really did seem like a good idea at the time...  

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