Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Where is my stitching mojo?

I stitched this two years ago for my Grandma MeMe, well all but 6 stitches. I did the last 6 stitches in time for her birthday last month. The stitching really doesn't look as crappy as it does in the picture, in the picture it looks to me as if the stitches are too tight. Could not get a good pic of this no matter what so I gave up! This was a freebie from somewhere on the net, stitched on perforated plastic with DMC, and made into a magnet.

Still pretty dry on the stitching, still stitching on the same ornament (well if you call sitting in my purse with me not touching it since Thanksgiving "still stitching"). Why on earth do I want to buy stash but not stitch? How does that work? All I want for Christmas this year is my stitching mojo back!! Well, and a few PS and BOAF charts...and....


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