Wednesday, September 30, 2009

October goals!

No stitching to report but have been dyeing up a storm these days! On the one hand I am forever wondering if my fabric is different enough/exceeds industry standards and on the other hand, it's so hard to sell my "babies"! I had no idea how difficult it is to let it go out the door. I have to go through and price things several times, the first time I always way overprice, probably in a subconscious effort to keep everything, lol.

I have a few designs from the JCS 2009 Halloween Issue (I JUST got it finally) that I want to get a move on so I'm working on kitting those up!

October goals:
1. Stitch one ornie from the Halloween issue
2. Start Wine a Bit by Sue Hillis for a holiday gift
3. Finish finish LHN Stars and Stripes

Hope to be back here again soon!
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