Friday, November 28, 2008

Enter my fabric naming contest for our newest color...

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

I went to sleep and then it was November...

How did we go from August to November? I have been reading blogs when I can but didn't have much to share on my blog until now.

Prairie Schooler JCS Halloween Issue 08

I made this for Georgie in the Fair & Square Halloween exchange. I really enjoyed working on it, the colors made it a real pleasure (Gentle Art Raven and Limited Edition Autumn something). The fabric is the slightest bit orange, 32ct. Silkweaver Cinnamon Roll.

This is what I received from Georgie, isn't it too sweet? Her stitching is exquisite! And this design is a freebie (I believe?) by Shepherd's Bush that I've had in my pile for a bit. Now how to finish it off? I'll add it to the other couple of things that need finishing while I think. This is the first time in years I actually have a backlog of things to finish. Maybe this weekend???

And, exciting news for those following my blog, my fabric is finally for sale. I wanted to be sure to have a ton in stock and ready to go before I opened up my store:

To get the news out, I am running this special:
Post the link to our fabric page (above) and mention us on your blog and get 5% off your order plus a treat. Be the first to post the link to our fabric page and mention us on a message board, yahoo group, etc. and get 15% off your order plus a treat. Just email us with the link to your blog, message board, etc.

We also have some Oops & Oddments for sale:

And we have several new freebies up, one of which is a Thanksgiving bee theme with a primitive feel:

Let me know what you think, and remember if you stitch a freebie (or any of our designs) we'd love a photo for our new gallery!

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