Thursday, February 08, 2007

New Finish from 2006

Hello, anyone out there? It's been so long since I've had time to stitch or blog I think no one is reading anymore! I've been in a stitching funk trying to get a schedule going with the whole work at home thing. Around Thanksgiving I got tired of looking at the Nautical Fence and stitched on it till it was FINALLY done. The little shell button bra I wanted to do on the mermaid won't work no matter what I try so I gave up. I ran out of the thread for the fence 3 times and had to keep trying to match the original as I didn't remember what I started out with.I did find really cute sea themed buttons from Stoney Creek though! I am SO glad to see the back of this one, now I know as much as I love Spooky Fence it may make me as crazy as this one. At least it's finished now & hanging in my bathroom framed in a life saver I had bought at Michael's ages ago.

I got sick (flu?) in December and am now finally feeling like I have energy again. I didn't send any holiday cards or stitch even one ornament, it was quite depressing. I've still been diligently stash collecting but am not really feeling like stitching . I did start an tiny little design in hopes of being motivated but am not getting very far. Perhaps blogging about it will make me want to stitch??

I am very busy with cub scouts (I've been made cub master in addition to the den leader position I hold) and with the growing accounting/web design biz I started last May. I miss all my online friends and hope I can start posting here and on my groups again. I got some wonderful Christmas presents which I need to photo and post.

At least almost all my projects from last spring are done, now to find the pieces of Patriotic Borders (I keep finding the pattern one place, the thread another, and the piece itself in my stash cabinet). I have to admit my motivation for this one is zero but I hate to leave things undone!

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