Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday, Monday

That's how I'm feeling today after the weekend: falling asleep in my chair ;) A coworker has very kindly let us use his pool while he is out of town for the next month or so. Yes, we spent a good chunk of time there trying to cool off. I picked up Tuna (daughter) and her friends from camp (you can't imagine how happy she was we'd saved several days of unwashed dishes for her return). I got the stash weeded a bit and have quite a few leaflets and older Cross Stitch and Country Crafts (with those awesome stocking masterpieces) ready to list somewhere to sell. My brother flew into town for an hour to pick up his daughter as he has custody for a few months so we had a nice family breakfast.

No stitching to speak is where I am stalled at (ok, I have actually done more than this but not much):

Had to share a photo of what my oldest son does when stuck at my work since I shared Chase's clubhouse under my desk:

I hope to get some stitching in today, so many projects that need starting!

I was asked what I wanted for my birthday...what I was hoping for was enough cash to get any of these:
-Bianca ginghers 4"
-SB exclusive 2008 fob
-SB Bianca ginghers engraved 4"

I'll have to work harder on my stash sale!

Speaking of scissors, I'd been asked for a photo of the SB engraved awhile back--I am still looking. I did buy a rubbermaid keeper for my scissor collection a few weeks back so now I need to round up my scissors. It looked like an impossibly large box but since most of my scissors are in the gingher cases still I wonder if it will fill up quickly. Not sure how to store my other 4" scissors that are not in cases, anyone have ideas?

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