Sunday, July 20, 2008

This is the part where I don't function for a few days...

I've ditched out on my contest! I am so sick and have been all week, no wonder I was feeling so tired on Monday. I seem to have a much abbreviated summer flu, new symptoms every 12 hours ;) I am so proud of me!

Since I had 3 commentees, I will be sending all 3 a "It's Tracy's birthday" package. Please email your full names and snail mail addys:
stitchesnstones @ aol . com (remove spaces)

I know I will not be mailing these for a few days to a week or so as I have yet to do much more than move from couch to bed all week. On the bright side, food is tasteless and uninteresting so perhaps the "flu diet" will give me some results in the waistband region. I think I've been sick twice in the past month, obviously I'm doing something wrong or hanging out with really germy people.

I did pull out SB Tiny Flag and put in just enough stitches to need to frog it. Flu and counting don't really mix for me, sadly.

There seems to be a lot of sad pet news this week in blogland, and we did not escape unscathed. My parents' dog passed away unexpectedly and peacefully yesterday afternoon.

Kyler Samuel 2001-2008
You will be missed old friend.

I'm so sorry to visit your blog and learn that you have been sick and that Kyler has passed away. I hope the coming week is brighter for you. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog! It is always so nice to get new commenters.
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