Thursday, May 08, 2008

Crackle, crackle

That is the sound of me being burned out! I am SO tired of people, stupid people especially.

I have no progress on the SB Live heart finish, I don't know what to finish it as. I have done several other small hearts of theirs and framed them and put them in my bathroom, I suppose this could go in there if:
A) I reframe one of the hearts which frame does not look good with the other frames
B) I have two frames to match the first frame, one for the old heart to reframe, one for the new finish
C) I can find my way into the bathroom in the first place. In the "great house flood of '07" I boxed up a bunch of stuff which now lives a semi-boxed existence in my bedroom/bathroom. The toilet in there wasn't working and the shower needed work so it all made sense at the time. Of course, now that we might get some stimulus money I'd like to repair said items but must burn down and rebuild my bedroom first because there is NO way it will ever be clean. *Sigh*

Here is my lost and forgotten WIP of Mrs. Moriarty's ski hat, sadly the green floss is not with it, hopefully I won't need it? It was all together in a zipped bag, how can it not be there? I would like to put some stitches into it, but then I remembered:

especially. And people's badly behaved brats, ahem, children. People suck! What I wouldn't give to go back to working at home, happy as a hermit with my laptop in my cave. I could be one of those crazy ladies that lives in one room of their house with all their dogs, patterns piled to the ceiling, floss tangled under my feet to make a carpet, and needles tucked into my bedsheets. All I need is a mini-fridge and a microwave, I can have groceries and laundry delivered.

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