Tuesday, May 13, 2008

In the Way Back Machine

Happy belated Mother's Day to all the mothers and mother-like bloggers out there! Lovely flowers I got from my Aunt Sharon, so thoughtful of her!

Stepping into the way back machine--here is my new project. I have pretty much finished the ski hat ornie, I need to add beads. I realized I didn't really read instructions well on this one, although honestly they are really unclear to me! I was supposed to (I think) do another 4 tree/snowflakes to make the complete hat. I tried to do the backstitching at the bottom and it looks awful, so I think I am going to try to make a mini-hat and see what happens. Since my finishing skills are not that great, this should be entertaining for everyone but me.

But back to the new project, it's the Shepherd's Bush 2006 fob. Why so much SB you ask? They are all kittted up so I can snag them and go, and also they have a lot of small pieces--I'm so stitching-shy lately I don't want to scare myself with a BAP, or a MAP, lol. I went to find a photo and realized I can't find one online! So I took a crappy photo of the kit for posterity. I did notice on the chart when I opened it, it says not to be resold or put on Ebay. Now I never would, I don't part with anything, but I wonder how many people read/care about that fine print. The kit comes with white fabric, which is blah to me, but for some reason I am digging the idea of white. So have I lost my mind? Btw, I did buy the yummy $40 engraved scissors to go along with the fob (I blame SB for my current scissor fascination) but I really don't want it to be a fob. Or an ornie. Or a needlebook. Or a pinkeep. Or a pincushion. It seems to me that leaves framing, lol. Luckily I have the entire garage frame shop at my disposal and I will be glad to use up one more frame.

Oh you really need to post a pic of those wonderful scissors! I just love scissors of all kinds. :D
Tracy, I can't get any of my e-mails through to you...please contact me...do you have a spam folder to check? I've been trying to contact you since April 22...with no reply from you, so I don't think your getting my e-mails. I've tried X 3 today!
Hi Vonna,
Nope no emails, in fact I emailed you today to tell you that. I just emailed you, let me know if you don't get it.

Thanks! Tracy
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