Monday, May 19, 2008


Here's my progress on SB 2006 fob. I have picked a pattern for the Fair & Square exchange after much research on my partner's blog and am so excited! I have gotten my working copy ready, now to find fabric and finish the edges. I don't normally do that, am wishing I had time for someone else to do it, lol. I'm so sloppy, sometimes I surprise myself. Ordered a few Diane Williams (LHN) patterns I didn't have today, her older ones from Leisure Arts.

I will camping at family camp and also have cub scout day camp this weekend/next week so I won't be blogging much nor stitching. In fact, I may not make it back alive. Leave a comment if you'd like to be included in my will for some stash ;)

Teacher gifts are a no-sew this year, not enough hours in the night/day whatever. I am thinking gift cards, too bad!

Picture from the cub scout fire station visit last weekend. We had a disturbing incident with our oldest son, his friend's parents were trying to take him to a concert when we'd already said no weeks ago. My son was honest, although more than likely because he was worried he'd get caught, but honesty is honesty, I won't worry about motivation. I always wondered who those parents were who drink and "dally" (shall we say) with their kids friends, now I know!

Memorable moment of the weekend: My 90 year old grandfather learning to bowl on the Wii (not my grandfather in the pic).

Lastly, Von asked me about the engraved gingher scissors that I bought to go along with the 2006 fob, I'll have to hunt them up so you can see! Check out her blog, she has the cutest grandbaby!

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I love the "Now I lay me down to sleep..." design at the top of your blog! Where can I buy it???
Email me your snail mail addy:

I think I have a few "scratch and dent" copies that I can't send to shops that I'd be happy to give you one of.

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