Monday, May 05, 2008

SB Live finished

It's done! Because I announced to the world my goal, I did finish it this weekend. I also did some work in the office and laundry room. I'm trying not to be depressed that you can't tell I did work, and that I don't have a clue on what to do with stuff. Little by little, I know it will get done because IT HAS TO!

So what next? I did find a UFO from Christmas, I didn't even remember working on! It's Mrs. Moriarty's Ski Hat from Moss Creek in an older JCS ornament issue. I was thinking I should work on it, most of it is backstitch, and the colors I picked are really pretty. Wish me luck!

I am working up the nerve to release a few new designs, although I may have missed my window since they are wedding/anniversary type stitches, but are pretty close to one-nighters so they would make good gifts. Hmmmmm....

On the blogging front, I've noticed Petra has closed down, and she and other stitchers on 123 MB have said that blogging takes up stitching time. I thought about this for awhile, but have decided that blogging is actually good for me. First off, it gives me motivation, whether I'm reading someone's or writing my own. And secondly, I recently went back and read some of my first posts, what a great mini-journal of my stitching and my life. I'd have no idea what projects I had completed and when without this blog. So for now, my blog is safe!

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