Tuesday, June 21, 2005

New models!

I couldn't sleep last night, must have been because summer officially begins today. I love summer! I picked threads and fabric for several new models and finally got them packed up and off my desk. One is a new kind of alphabet, the other is for the holidays--think pets. I paired some strange colors on the alphabet, and it's a little off the beaten path anyway, so I'm really interested to see how it will turn out.

I got two new models back over the weekend. Once I get photos done I'll post a little snip in here, I'm really excited about both of them.

I started Bent Creek's Patriotic Row on my lunch break last week and it's taking shape quickly considering I only stitch 15-20 minutes four days a week. This has been in my to-do pile for years, I'm so happy to be working on it! I'm using R & R Dark Espresso from a long strip I bought from Silkweaver's. I'm a little nervous I didn't leave enough finishing room, we shall see.

In the evenings to unwind I have several round robin pieces stacked up--I must not stitch fast enough! Currently I'm stitching on L*K's Love Lives Here, the roof on the little house seemed never-ending. I finally got it done when I was in the ER with my son Chase this weekend (who cut his finger and needed stitches). He was so funny, he wanted to use some of the Crescent Colours floss for his stitches because the black floss the surgeon used was too boring.

Tracy that is too funny, the story about Chase! Think of the money you'd saved if you'd only sewed it yourself. Surely with all the specialty stitches we know we could do a good job. LOL!!
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