Thursday, June 30, 2005

No more red!

No more red on the BC barn, now it just needs a roof and a flagpole. I took a few extra minutes today so I could be done with the red. Love it, but it's time to move on!

On the L*K house, the brickwork is coming along, or it seems to be until I see how tall the house is, lol. Tonight is Children of Divorce class/group again so I doubt I'll be stitching. I've got a freebie chart to do for the yahoo group Chatty Stitching Exchangers. I'm hoping the model will be in the mailbox when I get home! It's actually a companion piece to a chart that hopefully coming out next month and should be a fun stitch.

I went to bed last night early and didn't get much of anything done. It was so hot last night, seems like every creature in my house was stirring--including, you guessed it--a mouse! The dogs were up and down all night and now I can see why. EEK! This morning I got up bright and early and get dinner ready (beef stroganoff), did some sweeping, laundry, and dishes. The office floor I found this weekend is once again submerged, this time in clothes. My daughter and I are trying to get the laundry room organized. It's a nice space and for now I've got models that don't go to trunk shows stored in there along with clothes for next winter, tons of blankets, and who knows what else (maybe Elvis??? Or more mousies? Yikes). I have the newest member of the Stitches'N'Stones team Becky coming on Saturday for training so I want things more organized (no laughing!).

Thanks to Sally, Heather, Robyn, and everyone else who takes the time to read my rambles!

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