Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Slow slow slow!

I've been stitching, and it the patterns seem to get bigger every time I pick them up. Slow slow slow--I just want to finish something! I stitched on the L*K RR the last two nights, got the trees done and started on the brick of the house. At work I've got the BC barn half done and put in all the white stitching today. I definitely won't be finishing the BC before July 4th though.

Last night I wasted some time playing in patterns and found Barrick Samplers Five Birds freebie and Brightneedle's Primitive Alphabet, both of which I want to do NOW!! Unfortunately I have at least 4 RR pieces that need stitching before I can start on them, but they could be my next lunchtime projects. I also bought a fun pack from Silkweaver ( that has Cocoa hand-dyed fabric, 2 kinds of beads, and neat limited edition Stranded by the Sea orange/brown floss. You can enter their contest by stitching a project with the fun pack by August 30th. I've been trying to figure out what I wanted to do! Why is starting new projects so fun??

Heather very kindly tagged me in my last post and asked me to list what relaxes me and what I like to do even if no one else does (just a short list!):

--watering the plants (especially after dark)
--stitching, of course
--paddling around the pool with a noodle

--watching McLeod's Daughters
--going to hockey games

A lot of you have asked about my "new man" ;o) Maybe I'll explain tomorrow, this is long enough!

Love your blog Tracey. Had to laugh at you discovering the lost city of Atlantis!! Think you could do the same in my youngest DD's bedroom! Lol!
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