Friday, June 24, 2005

Stitching not working!

I printed out some labels last night & swept half the office, that was the extent of the actual work I got done. I did give myself some stitching time on the L*K Love Lives Here. I got almost all the left tree done while watching Family Plots. I'm trying to catch up on all the re-runs since I missed the previous season(s). I got a finished model in the mail which completes the models needed for a leaflet--now when to publish?? I'll post a pic this weekend of a sneak preview.

We went out to lunch today at P.F. Changs so no BC stitching. Too bad, I was hoping to get farther--I did have almond & cashew chicken which was to die for so that makes up for no progress. And I had "The Great Wall of Chocolate" (well, a piece of one) for dessert. I haven't eaten that much food in weeks, plus I allowed myself a Coke instead of the normal water, water, water I usually drink. I have lots of leftovers for tonight for my dinner. I'm taking the kids and friends to the dive-in movie/swim at the YMCA. They can have all the junk food they can eat while I dream of my chinese and leftover cake! The movie will run to 10pm or so, not sure if I'll get any stitching in tonight. Tomorrow is a crazy day but I know I'll be working, one of my new employees is starting her first day!

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