Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Things have been so busy I had no blogging time. I worked most of the weekend, although I did take Saturday night off for a night of Rock Hudson movies and junk food with my helpers. We were supposed to be working though!

I got the photo done for my newest sampler, one that I really enjoy. All I will say is I never though I'd see my underwear in the photo on the front of a chart! This one and a flip-flop design (see below) will be August releases. I managed to get the samples out to Hoffman's on Monday finally. Now to send samples to all the companies whose products I used and stitchers who stitched them for me. It's never ending!!

New models need to go out as well, when all I really want to do is sit and stitch these days ;o) I've just about finished my L*K RR piece, just need to do the gray in the window and the gray squiggle along the bottom. No matter how late I have to stay up it *will* be done tonight! Then on to an Angel Stitchin' RR, although I'd really like to do some "me" stitching. I think I need to sit down with my stack of stuff and prioritize what I'd like to do. Right now I have a huge pile in a file folder. I kitted up a neat piece from a magazine (which will take me forever), and then I also have my WIP of Angus by Stitching Bee that my friend Pat so very kindly sent me months ago. I changed the colors of Angus (the dog) to white & black because Angus looked so much like Beanie my dog. But I HATE white!! I hate stitching with white, stitching on white, etc. so it fast became a UFO. I don't like to have more than one project going though so I need to force myself to finish it up. I still have the racoon over one piece I was working on for my grandmother before she passed away that I need to do something with as well.

Hope to post the L*K finish tonight!

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