Wednesday, July 20, 2005

floating in frames

I got in an order of frames yesterday--I think there may have been a mistake as I have 12 or so of the exact same frame. But I got a really good variety of sizes, shapes, and colors (probably 20 frames in all). I really did not need them though, as it is I've run out of hanging room in the garage for frames I already had. Looks like it's time to budget in a new frame wall. Bet the neighbors wonder what on earth I do for a living when they see my garage! Speaking of which, I monkeyed with the garage door opener last night and all seems to be well once more . I hate it when things go wrong with the house, I tend to get a little obsessive till they are fixed ;o)

Still need to finish the Hoffman's order, I got sidetracked with Harry Potter last night! Tonight for sure, I don't usually take this long and I'm tired of looking at it! I've got the girls at church tonight, and I am not really in the mood so I hope I will survive. I also need to fit in time for Wal-mart, the bank, dinner, Wal-greens (the blasted photos) before 7pm. At least I'm not teaching this week! The house is a total pit, very scary so I've got to find some time to budget on it. I got my cell bill today and saw I spent more than 55 hours on the phone last month with my honey , and I wonder why I have even less time than before, LOL!!

Did some good stitching on the BC row today, the last patch of grass is done and a good portion of the three little houses. I'm starting to smell a finish! I may work on some xmas ornaments next, I signed up to do some for St. Jude's this year plus it's never too early to get started on xmas gifts! We'll see, I'm still feeling like I need to do some *me* stitching.

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