Friday, July 22, 2005

Happy dance--a finish!

By having a long lunch today I have finished the BC Patriotic Row. I am so happy!! All i need to do is add the JABC flag buttons, I sure hope they fit! I think I'll be starting on Lights of Liberty next, an old kit from the Stitches 'N Things monthly club, I think Becky of Becky Boos designed it. I've got a quick bad photo of the finish here but will take a better one later. I'm going to email to see if she'll take on the finishing of this and a few models for me. They do great work there at very reasonable prices. I can do my own finishing in a pinch but this row really needs a special touch. I'm thinking I want a long skinny wall hanging for this, either kinda like a door-knocker where it's flat but 3D, or a pillow (with dark red & cream gingham check or plaid).

I had to go to the Dollar Tree for prizes for the carnival at the kids summer camp yesterday and of course stopped in the frame aisle. They really do have some good frames there a lot. I bought several large silver square ones, a small jeweled and flowery silver square one, some pink and purple ones adorned with ribbons and cutesy embellishments (I could see these in my daughter's room), and some really neat bright colored ceramic ones with old fashioned shoes, straw bonnets, etc. Those last ones would be great for a small freebie. Like I needed more frames right???

We survived the last night and party for Children of Divorce yesterday evening. I'm glad we're done for now and I have Thursday evenings free. I'm hoping we'll get to skip the fall session, I can't think of anything more depressing during the holidays. I'm playing it by ear with the kids though, even though I'm over it they are still dealing with a lot :o( Didn't do one stitch last night! This weekend I hope to get some good TV time in and stitch away at that sunflower!

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