Thursday, July 07, 2005

Holiday weekend

Wow, the holiday weekend was the best time I've had in awhile! I got 2 dozen red roses on Friday from John, the "new" man everyone is so curious about. Then on Saturday my new helper/employee Becky came from Sun Lakes and let me show off my stash and start training. We also went to All in Stitches and ate lunch, stitched, and stashed. I got the brick all done on the L*K, just have the windows, door, grass, and little squiggle at the bottom left. I bought some of the new Blackbird Designs patriotic charts and a few other goodies. It was a great day, I'm looking forward to seeing Becky often!

I put together my new hammock on the back porch and have had a great time lazing under the stars with lemonade. All the adults in my family went out to dinner Saturday night at the Bamboo Club, which was fabulous. We spent the 4th of July at my parents barbecue in the middle of the street in lawn chairs watching the fireworks.

As for stitching on the BC Patriotic Row, I've got B-N done and pretty much all the little motifs in between. Now I'm hoping for an end of August finish!

I've been working on getting Hoffman's late July release out (South for the Winter) as well as getting charts done for August. I did the photos for one chart today, and now am waiting on the other model to come in. I may post some snippets so stay tuned!

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