Tuesday, July 19, 2005

If I only had a brain...

Last night Whitney came over and we watched The Breakfast Club. I was planning on packing the latest Hoffman's order for August releases so I got everything out and folded the charts. During a commercial break I went to fetch the chart photos and could not find them. I looked for a good twenty minutes getting more and more frustrated. Finally I sat down to think a moment, and realized...I never picked them up from Wal-Greens. Looks like I will be picking up photos and packing the order tonight instead ;o)

We also have swimming, a trip to Wal-mart, and an invitation to a barbecue at my parents house to work into the mix tonight. My sister is back from Disneyland so she should have my goodies that I requested (some pins for my collection). I really wanted another mickey flip flop necklace since I can't find mine but I didn't ask her so maybe next trip. She goes on average of once a month, lol.

No stitching last night or today--hope to get some in tonight or all my stress will start piling up!

If you ever find a where to order a brain . . . be sure and let a clueless (gave away to many of my own brain cells to my offspring . . . ) northerner know quickly. [big grin]

I'm so glad you are getting some stitching in for yourself; you deserve sometime just for you - and I love the racoon piece. I'd keep it as a memory of your special grandma, if'n I was you! (and I bet you're glad you're not!!!)

Suzanne in northern BC Canada
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