Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Lights of Liberty WIP

This is where I am after two lunch breaks. I can't believe how fast it's going! At this rate I'm hoping for (dare I say it) a Saturday finish! I really like the way the perle cotton thread looks on the fabric (doesn't show very well here). The last one of these I did I didn't like it, but the Weeks overdyed lays really nicely.

I sent out Wendy's RR to her today as well as the BC Patriotic Row and two princess themed designs of mine to Hands On Needleshoppe. I'm dying to see how they turn out!!

Tonight I'm going to try to post a really cute tuck pillow my friend Frances at Cathouse Angel Designs (finishing work) made to go along with my Happy Boo Boo freebie (on my website). I just love the tuck, she is so talented!! And her profits got to rescuing unwanted kitties :o) I'll post her website with the photo.

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