Wednesday, July 27, 2005

More Lights of Liberty

Day three on this lunch project and I think tomorrow I might finish! This went SO fast. Of course, I've been foregoing eating to stitch instead, lol, so I'm getting more than 15 minutes of stitching in on it. This is going to be super cute! Just need to hunt up flag buttons as I'm not planning on stitching the two flags. I'm not sure what to stitch at work now. There are so many cute patriotic patterns I want to do right now, and also autumn is calling me. I still need to decide on and stitch my Silkweaver Fun Pack project. I do have a bitty San Man tuck called "Give Me a Bite" that's been trying to get my attention so I may grab that next for the my lunch project. It's just so funny!

I haven't touched my at home project for two days. Last night we stayed home so I could get things done but I didn't do much of anything. I really need to get things organized, school starts two weeks from today so we've got to get back on track! Seri is the only one ready for school, the boys and I are still in denial. I've already bought most of the supplies, just need to get the house in order and see what uniform stuff we might need.

Looking forward to having a finish tomorrow to show off, let's hope I don't jinx it!

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