Monday, July 18, 2005

no more weekend posts

I posted twice over the weekend and managed to lose them both somehow, argh argh argh!! Luckily it was just ramble about cleaning the garage (half cleaning) and attending the local car show. I didn't pick up a needle until last night so the sunflower piece is still not done, not even close :O( Too bad too! I am so tempted to do a small fun piece for myself, only thing is I don't even know what I'd pick.

I put in a few stitches on Patriotic Row today, just a little bit of grass as I wasn't in a stitching mood. I must be tired or coming down with a cold as there's not much I feel like doing today including swimming or stitching. We may take a night off and veg out a bit, maybe rent a movie for our family night activity. Yes, that's cheating, especially since we did that last Monday, lol! However my week is pretty busy so if I miss swimming tonight we'll only have 3 more chances for the rest of the week. Decisions, decisions! And the kids are no help, undoubtedly 2 will want to swim and one won't, lol.

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