Friday, August 26, 2005

Beat the Heat finish

Is it any wonder I don't get anything done with five of these around every day?? Lucky me :o) No, not all five are mine! The redhead on the left is my nephew Andrew, then Chase in the middle and Seran on the right belong to me. I pick all 5 up from school every day and watch them till their mom is done with work.

Finished the stitching on my Beat the Heat exchange. Now I need to make it into something. I had been thinking an ornament but then I thought a fob could be really cute....decisions decisions! I REALLY have no finishing skills but I'm liking the fob idea more and more, only if I can use my funky turquoise tufted cording like I originally planned though. Kris, if you read this, hope you don't have too many clues! No pic of this one till Kris actually receives it so it'll be at least 10 days if not longer. I heard mine is in the mail already so I'll have that pic to post next week sometime.

I've got to get to the store and buy DMC tonight (especially the elusive 840) so I can get moving on Julie's Bent Creek RR, I heard Char is mailing me Nic's tomorrow. I was so bad the other night, I had nothing to stitch on since I couldn't find the right color DMC, so I kitted up a new project. Luckily it used 40ct. linen and by the time I found my stitching glasses (used for 40ct. only, LOL) I kinda decided I didn't like the thread colors I picked. I wanted 4 different colors that would blend into the fabric a bit but the more I looked the more I wondered how hideous this was going to come out. It's sitting on my end table right now, I'll take another look in a few weeks. It's an older Homespun Elegance pattern with a stitcher and alphabet, but I thought I'd ignore the stitcher completely and just do the alpha.

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