Thursday, August 18, 2005

Office Mascot

I wanted to post my progress on the BC Wahoo Life is Good but Ringer the office kitty thought he should be acknowledged as well. He was a stray we took in while we tried to find the owner but no one has claimed him. I admit to not being a big kitty fan but he's a very sweet one. He's taken to batting at my thread as I stitch, lol. This is my progress after about 2 weeks. Maybe another week and it will be done? I managed to place the "f" incorrectly and it's driving me crazy so I need to frog that soon!

I got my replacement triangle buttons from SanMan for the fangs in Give Me a Bite so I hope to get that completely finished tonight and post a pic soon. My at home project is for a Beat the Heat exchange and is something I have always wanted to stitch. I took some liberties with the colors so it will match this really neat turquoise tufted trim I want to use to make it an ornament. Yes, it sounds weird but I think it will be cute! I'm being really bad by not starting my BC RR. I tried this weekend and realized it's in DMC so I need to either hunt up the DMC or go shopping. I only use hand-dyed if I can help it!

Life is really hectic with the third job and having to drop off and pick up five kids every day, especially when they all come home with me to play ;o) We got an air hockey/fooseball/pingpong table combo last weekend from my neighbor so that's kept them pretty busy!

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