Friday, August 05, 2005


There was a mother of a storm last night! The sky turned yellow/green and the wind blew like a hurricane. I had just left the house but managed to get back home again. The hail came down so hard I was worried it would crack my windshield. We narrowly missed being hit by falling branches and a basketball hoop. Our last pepper tree went down, luckily it fell the one direction it wouldn't cause any structural damage! My poor plants are in ruins, the hail beat down so hard all the flowers are gone and the stems are snapped and broken. The hedge has only half it's leaves, and most of those are just scraps now. I am thankful it was not worse though! Over 4,000 people are without power. I just read it dumped an inch of rain in an hour.

After the lightning died down we went out to the wash in back of the house and watched the water. It was close to 4 feet deep (according to the marker back there) and the roar of the water overpowered the sound of the hail and thunder. We stood next to the bridge and watched all the people in their big trucks go through it, lucky for them no one got stuck although it was a close call for some, especially for the Buick that tried to go! No wild critters were driven down the wash this time, the last bad storm we ended up with a javelina (wild boar/pig) in our yard and usually we get coyotes.

Today the roads are a mess so I took a picture of all the sand left on a major intersection.

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