Saturday, August 06, 2005

Summer Stars finish

I finally finished Summer stars last night. Stitched on Sugar Maple fabric In the Clouds 28ct. jubilee using Weeks Dye Works threads. I really should have stitched a row or two more of "beach" but I think it looks fine without it. I was going to add the flagpole it called for and use a flag button but I tried it out and it didn't look right. I had also planned on putting a sand dollar and a sea shell button on the beach but the sea shell is the only thing that looked right. I do like the googly eyes on the crabs, for some reason I seem to favor that look on my crabs ;o) I made a lot of changes to the chart to personalize it to the kids bathroom. It REALLY needs some dressing up in there!

Next in line I'm thinking either Secret Needle Night Liberbee, BC Summer Row (for the bathroom, have to check if I have enough of the same colors I used in this finish so they'll match), or Shepherd's Bush Sweet Pea for my bathroom. I admit to getting out fabric for Sweet Pea last night ;o) I was thinking I could do that since it's very small, and then get to work on Julie's BC RR.

Started the Wahoo project yesterday and have part of the moon done. The colors are great so far (it's Stranded by the Sea limited edition thread)! This one might take awhile, we'll see!

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