Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Surprise surprise!

Terrible photo but I think most of you will get the idea ;o) I have picked out my engagement & wedding rings and had the jeweler set them aside for John to get them. They are truly lovely and just exactly what I wanted! The best part is they are very inexpensive, I've never understood the desire to spend a lot. The rings I picked out are more durable than most and look prettier than the more expensive options. Most likely before Christmas we will be tying the knot. I'm hoping for a Vegas wedding (in a limo at the drive-thru window to be exact) but I'll be happy wherever it is. I really want our families to be able to be there or to attend a reception (or celebrate Christmas with us)?

I started and just about finished SB Sweet Pea heart on Sunday but never got a chance to do the finishing touches till last night. I went to photo it and my camera batteries were mad :P I have to say it's the first SB that doesn't look as impressive as the cover photo, but I think it was because they showed it with a heart shaped mat.

First day of school for the kids today! I got some cute photos this morning (including proof Bryce DOES hit his sister no matter what he claims). After we dropped them off my sisters and I went out to breakfast and then to the day spa. I got a LOVELY Swedish massage with some aromatherapy thrown in. I'm wondering if I can work one into the budget every 3 months or so? Surely I deserve it ;o)

Back to school means back to the grind for me! I'll be swapping my car for my mom's van daily to take my kids and my nephews across town to and from school. I also have taken on a third job--doing the books from home for an architectural firm. If anyone can help me figure out how to get everything done PLEASE give me some tips!!

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