Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Homespun Elegance DONE

I finished HE, or really I am about to add the embellishments and be done! I had taken a photo last friday to post my progress but never got it up here, and now it's not relevant. This really went fast! Now what to do??? I am feeling at a standstill! My RR group had some problems and closed so I'm not sure what to do with the two RR's I have now, one of which was my at home stitching. I do want to start and finish BC's Summer Row to dress up my bathroom before the wedding (it has a big blank spot on the wall, lol) however I don't really want that kind of pressure right now, and also then I'd have to have an odd sized frame for it! Seems like my long frames are either not quite long enough or way too long for the BC rows. Also I wanted to stitch a little something for my new sister-in-law for being so kind as to help my fiance move down here and for volunteering to be the wedding photographer. The problem is do I have enough time and what can I do that she would like in that time frame? I don't think she's too much of a "cute" design kind of person, more of a tribal or??? Anyone who has any thoughts let me know please!!

Thanks to all who have left comments, I hope to link back to some of your blogs soon and will respond to comments (when I know where to respond to, lol, some of you are anonymous) ASAP!!!

HE pic to come tomorrow I hope, just have to figure out a frame!! This one is going in the living room FOR SURE!!

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