Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Homespun Elegance The Stitcher

I have to say this may be one of my most treasured stitched pieces ever. It turned out so nicely although I had my doubts!! Now where to hang it?? The living room definitely, and it's on the required fabric and in the proper colored frame to fit the living room decor but not sure where it should go. I have big empty white walls in there and need some BIG pieces to keep my little pieces like this one from feeling dwarfed. I would have more in there if I didn't keep lending things to my LNS, lol.

News on the wedding front:
The rings are being made and sent from Ireland. The cake is ordered AND we have a cake topper that doesn't make me nauseous! After a lot of thought we imported a glass slipper from Disneyland last weekend so that not only will it be the cake topper but it will also become a treasured keepsake and not sit in a dusty drawer. Besides, now I can officially think about collecting glass slippers ;o) Geesh, the ridiculous things you have to worry about for weddings!! And we're not even having a fancy or large one! I registered finally after much prompting from family and friends. I figured with a second marriage gifts were taboo but apparently not considering all the grief I was getting about not! So for those of you who wanted to know, we are registered at And if one more person complains I have not registered for ENOUGH things, I'm going to cancel the wedding and elope *very big evil grin*. I cannot see how people do weddings for hundreds, this is insanity ;o)

Started a new project that for now I'm doing at home and at work: Bent Creek's Summer Row to cover the big naked spot on my guest bathroom wall that I've wanted to cover for two years now. Just cross your fingers I can find and get a frame within two weeks!!

very pretty design! keep up the great work!
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