Monday, October 03, 2005

Am I stressed yet?

That's the question I keep hearing! I think the word is catatonic ;o) At this point I've been avoiding the thought for over a week because so much needed to be done and I knew I simply couldn't do it, and that thought was so painful I decided not to think at all. Tonight I will finally be back at my own house, the dog and sister being much better and also my parents are coming home tonight. I'm so excited, no more having my toothbrush and other toiletries in my purse since I never knew what house I would be at or vehicle I'd be driving (little car for the dog or 3 kids, van for 5 kids, etc.). I accomplished nothing this weekend other than losing the scrapbook we were/are? going to be using as a guestbook. We cleaned the house thursday night and it was beautiful, till the slumber party ;o) I am once again scared to go home!!!

We survived the slumber party with the 10 kids or whatever it turned out to be. I learned two things:
1) Always investigate city noise ordinances and apply for permits if necessary
2) Have parents sign medical waivers upon drop-off so I cannot be sued
3) Take ibuprofen BEFORE the headache starts, have faith that there WILL be a headache!
4) I can't count (as evidenced by the list of 4 things when I said I learned 2)

Photo above is the result of many many hours with my sister Alei last night. She did a great job on the hair and makeup, but when we went to do photos, I look gosh-awful. That photo you see is the only one I can stand to share, and it prominently shows my nice bump on my cheek from the acne break-out I just had, probably due to stress.

Tracy, I can't imagine what you must be going through. I looked up stress in the dictionary and there was a picture of you!!!LOL

I hope fpr you taht everyday gets easier and lovilier for you.

Hang in there it will eventually calm down!! ;)

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