Thursday, October 27, 2005

BC Summer Row progress

Not sure if this is moving fast or slow? Wish I could get it done so I could move on to Halloween, at this rate I may have to start xmas stitching right after this one :P I need to see if I can find a BC fish (I think in the pet arches?) to stitch in place of the seagull.

Checked on the Patriotic Row finishing, it should be home pretty soon from what I hear. Sounds like Hands On Needleshoppe knew exactly what I wanted it to look like. I'm dying to see!

Got my L*K 10 RR home all finished yesterday, it's too cute and I'm so thankful to Char, Margo, and Bonnie who stitched on it (I think that's everyone??)! I took today at lunch to do the few little things that I didn't send thread for, now just have to get home and put a few buttons and whatnot on it and find a frame. Hoping I have a good one for it!

We've got to finish our Halloween shopping tonight, since Nikey (my sister) and I are witches Seri has changed her mind on the mermaid and wants to be a witch also.

Bought some buttons for the button exchange, they are too funny! Will have to post a pic once Joni gets her package.

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