Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Beat the Heat buttons

Finally photoed the adorable buttons Kris made for me in the Beat the Heat exchange. Aren't they just darling?? Not sure where I want to put them yet, maybe if I stitch the Glory Bee summer freebie?? My sister was over last night and was bemused by me carefully photoing buttons ("But don't you usually add them to needlework first?"). Guess non-stitchers just don't get it ;o) To be fair she does stitch occasionally, but she's certainly not obsessed so I don't expect her to understand. Was it even a year or two ago that I stopped hating buttons and embraced them fully?? LOL We're having a button exchange at the end of this month so I have to get cracking! Unfortunately I can't make buttons (I surely have tried, over and over again) so I will have to make do with trying to buy some neat ones. My partner is Joni, and since we share a love of patriotic and halloween I should be able to have lots of fun!

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