Tuesday, October 18, 2005


I applied to have Norden (one of two major distributors for needlework) carry my charts several months ago. I felt reasonably confident they would "pick me up" since mostly if you're with one distributor you're with another. My charts sell well for Hoffman's, I get a nice chunk of direct orders every month, have shops on auto ship, etc. so I didn't really believe I would be turned down. And also it had been a few months and normally you get rejections in a timely fashion. Imagine my surprise yesterday when shoved in the mailbox was my entire line I had sent to Norden for consideration (50 charts at least) and a rejection letter. The charts were so bent from being put through the mail system in nothing other than the priority mail plastic bag that they are complete junk. So not only did I get rejected, but I didn't get anything back in resale condition. Maybe that's standard, but it's still pretty disappointing :/ Well, I'll just count my blessings with Hoffman's and put this behind me. Now I know that's a closed avenue (or at least blocked for now) and I'll focus on some other marketing ideas I have.

Worked on my BC Summer Row the last few days at lunch, progress report tomorrow. I need to get my RRs out and get cracking on them at home, plus I need to make a gift list for the holidays. I have one already but haven't decided on stitched gifts yet. Normally I start in July so I'm way far behind, plus I've added quite a few people to the gift list by getting married ;o)

Thanks to everyone who wants to see pics of the wedding, wedding band, etc. I hope to get pics back soon, I'm dying to see how it all looked. As soon as I have them I will post them!

You have a great blog here! I have a knitting instructions site. You can find everything about knitting instructions as well as knitting stitches, needles, machines, magazines and more. Check it out when you can :)
So sorry to hear about Nordon. What a very non-business like approach to have sent all of your designs back to you this way!!!
I love your ,keep Moving Ahead, approach to this situation!!! It really is better to forget about them and move on!!
How are the wedding plans coming along?
Hope all is well.

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