Monday, October 24, 2005

Halloween decor part 1

We did it up right this weekend! Those of you who own stock in pipe cleaners and/or glue will be thrilled! Saturday afternoon two of my sisters, the five kids, and myself went shopping for final costume details (well for some of us), pumpkins, and craft supplies. We met up at my house for dinner (pizza) and then we proceeded to get down and dirty. My hands are still green from dying all the zombie hands (surgical gloves filled with water). We made glue ghosts, lollipop spiders, tombstones, zombie hands, and more. We hung some zombie hands, lollipop spiders, and spiderweb from our tree--we'll see how long the lollipops last, we've already lost one. As you can see I decorated the front door with a giant balloon spider with huge pipe cleaner legs. I want to add a red hourglass on his abdomen to spice him up. Tonight we have to carve pumpkins, hang the glue ghosts (that didn't fall apart), hang more spiders, set up the tombstones, and spread zombie hands around and I think we'll be suitably scary! I've been munching on homemade pumpkin seeds from the pumpkin my nephew Andy carved. I'm pretty sure I'll be cleaning pumpkin guts off everything for weeks ;o) We have 6 pumpkins to carve tonight, I think I'll be good and Halloweened by then!

I just found my pattern for Don't Make Me Call My Flying Monkeys (Glory Bee) finally, and now of course can't find my half stitched piece. Still stitching on BC Summer Row but no progress to show yet. I think I left it in the truck so I had to start a new lunch project today. It's a tiny xmas ornament from one of the JCS ornie issues. I'm not thrilled, hopefully it will end up cute. It's already half done (VERY small!) so that's a bonus. Xmas is sneaking up fast this year, I'm having way too much fun with stitching for ME!!

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