Thursday, October 20, 2005

Halloween is coming!

I've been so busy I've missed one of my favorite seasons, HALLOWEEN!! I've watched as neighbor kids up and down the street stole the craft ideas we've done every year (and that we taught them last year, lol) to decorate the house and trees. Not wanting to look like a copycat I scoured the net for some new ideas to take the place of our papertowel ghosts and got some really neat ones. Wish I'd seen some of these for our Halloween party last year! I'm so sad we're not having one this year but after the wedding I really need a little time to slow down (or as much so as I can, lol). So be on the lookout for what I hope will be some neat decorations! We're close enough to Halloween we can actually go get our pumpkins and carve them! In AZ it's so hot if you carve them too soon they rot well before Halloween. As a bizarre sidenote, I just found in the freezer the mini pumpkin I froze last Halloween in case I needed it for model photos ;o)

I'm wanting to do some Halloween stitching (my favorite kind!! Monsters and witches and pumpkins, oh my!) but I am still trudging along on Summer Row. I have the RRs to get moving on at home, actually I think only one because I need to send one back to the owner unstitched as that group has disbanded. I included a pic above of how far I am (close to halfway done?) on Summer Row. I got frames (different frames in the right size range) ordered for it so I should be set when it's done. I'm wondering how my patriotic row is coming along, it seems ages since I sent it out for finishing! No stitching getting done at home, last night I tried to organize all the clean laundry during my little TV time. A necessary evil but surely very unfun!

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