Thursday, October 13, 2005

I survived!

Whew, I have survived the craziness. We had a relatively lovely wedding, if you ignore the rings arriving at the last hour, the groom's pants being picked up from the UPS office half an hour before the wedding, me losing my skirt an hour before the wedding, leaving the marriage license on the hood of my car and driving off, etc. We spent the weekend unloading the U-haul trailer and John's truck bed as well as having fun with John's sister and the kids. We went hiking, out to dinner at the old west traildust town, out to a huge family dinner at the country club, had a bachelorette party, and just generally exhausted ourselves. We got to go to the Grand Canyon for a mini honeymoon, and although we booked rooms at the historic hotel on the rim, we somehow managed to end up with a room at a lodge down the road (still not sure how that happened??). We did get to eat breakfast at the hotel so that made up for it ;o) We also saw 3 elk and 3 deer!! Elk are HUGE!!

Things I have learned this weekend:

--Flagstaff is cold in October.
--If the room price ends up being $50 less than quoted, you've booked the wrong room.
--Dogs should be skinnier than the doggy door (John's dog Cody can't fit through ours!)
--6 hours is not enough time to get from the Grand Canyon to Tucson no matter what Mapquest claims
--UPS is more incompetent than I ever thought possible
--The Grand Canyon may be breath-taking but is in actuality just a really big hole ;o)

John started work already and I don't get to see too much of him so far, they keep him very busy (he's an on-call driver with the railroad). So much news, I can't possibly share it all, but for those of you who wondered if marrying someone you haven't seen in over 3 years was a good plan, I have no regrets :o) He's everything I could hope for and so much more (and I'm not just saying that because he surprised me with an engagement ring with a diamond so big it costs more than my car, lol). Photos to come!

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