Saturday, October 29, 2005

My LK RR finished

Didn't this turn out well? I was a little concerned when I attached them together, kept changing the order and worried about the colors but I really like how it's turned out! No frames to fit it, well one that I would have had to paint, so I decided to do a bellpull. I had to make the actual pull, for some reason I don't seem to have any bellpulls?? I swear I had a bunch! I have to shift some storage to make room for John's desk (poor John, no computer for three weeks!) so maybe I'll find them! Went to Stitches 'N'Things for their moonlight madness sale and spent a bit I shouldn't have, but they had such great charts at such great prices.

No new stitching, some frogging but otherwise I seem to be busy with laundry, cooking, and dishes (does it EVER end?). Amazing how much work there is to be done when you add one more person and 2 more dogs to the household. Even the feeding of the dogs is an ordeal, they all have to be shut in separate rooms to eat so they won't fight. I miss my stitching and trashy TV! I did last night get to catch up on TV a bit while I did laundry and baked a cake for the church halloween cakewalk tonight. I also went to the ASU/Icecats hockey game last night, that was great!! Because I have no willpower I am going to the rematch tonight after the church party and trick-or-treating at the zoo. Hope to have lots of good pics from the zoo. I really want to dye my hair green to go with my witch costume but I don't think going to church with it green is the best plan I've had, lol. Will definitely be dying it Monday though! Hope to get some stitching in tomorrow and also finish the Halloween decorations!

Green hair in church??? I've seen worse!! LOL LOL I feel for you when it comes to the trashy T.V. Recently my DH's schedule has changed and the nights that I would usually be watching Desperate Housvives, and BBC's Footballer Wives, he is now home so I find myself watching SCI-FI!!!
UGHHHH Oh well it could be worse!!Couldn't it??? LOL

Hugs and Happy Halloween!!!
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