Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Petsmart Costume Contest

Last night we went to Petsmart for what we *thought* was a pet Halloween party. We found out it was actually a costume party so we made a few adjustments. We only took Watty and my grandfather's dog Samantha since all the dogs seemed a little much. We tried to get my mom and her dogs to come but she says Ky (the big moose posted much earlier this month) is too embarrassed to go out without his fur. Watty came as a diva with a red feather boa and a strand of pearls, Sammy was a princess with a tiara. Watty came in 4th place, Sammy got 3rd. Not bad for 2 second costumes! Next year John says *his* dogs will win, so we'll have to think on costumes to beat them out, he insists I left his at home so Watty could have all the glory, LOL. On the way out I found a set of pink furry UGh dog boots, don't you think Watty needs some? With a little pink scarf???

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