Thursday, November 10, 2005

BC Summer Row done

Here it is in all it's glory! I painted the frame green (came SOOOOO close to painting it bright orange but restrained) and added twine in the groove around the frame, then added a neat starfish button to the corner. Now all I need to do is hang!

Got a little ornament stitched up at lunch, will get it finished off tonight and figure out what charity I want to send it to. I think I've decided what I want to donate to the Busy Needle auction as well. I wanted something special that would draw a lot of interest and finally last night I came up with the 12 days of Christmas--whoever wins the auction will get a package a day mailed to them for 12 days with some really nice stitching stuff, i.e. charms, hand-dyed fabrics and threads, charts, buttons, q-snaps, whatever. Now to run it by Sara and see if she likes the idea.

Hope to have a few photos to show off tomorrow of finishes, I want to get the Hope freebie made into an ornie, the ornie from today made into an ornie, and the stitching done on the french freebie I started yesterday.

I love love love the color of the frame!!!!
And as for the PRIZE your offering the Busy Needle, I think it will be a HUGE success!!!
What stitcher wouldn't want 12 days of stash!!!

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