Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Cookie for Santa ornie

All finished off! This is a pretty quick stitch and so cute :o) This is my second one and I don't think I finished it as well this time around. The brown cording was a little too thick so I separated it, maybe next time I'll make my own. Also I didn't tack the end of the cording down on the back under the fabric like I normally do, so I ended up having to use the chocolate chip button to hide the loose ends. Oh well, it still turned out cute, and it went off to Kelsey's yesterday afternoon, hopefully in time for the deadline. I'm not really sure what fabric and threads I used on this one, it's been stitched since last Christmas but I never finished it into an ornie (it was LITERALLY a UFO, lol, sicne it needed finishing, hee hee hee).

I really like the cookie for Santa, is it your own design, or was it a kit? I'd love to know where it came from if it's not yours.
Heather, it was in one of the older Just Cross Stitch special ornament magazines and was designed by Hillside Samplings. Hope that helps! I can try to hunt out the specific issue if you'd like, just let me know.
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