Friday, November 04, 2005

Hope freebie

Just finished on my lunch break. I tried so hard to get it done last night but I got too tired! I guess I will give it to my friend after surgery. I bought several different ribbons to try on it but think I may need to go to Joann's or somewhere else to get what I really want. Not too much of a rush now! I can return to stitching on my two BC's this weekend, I surely hope I get something done!! I really want to do one of BC's turkey designs maybe after?? I have spoiled myself stitching for just me all year, now I really need to get into stitching holiday gifts but I don't want to! Notice the new feature to the right under the archives/links, photos of recent finishes and links to the corresponding blog entry. Took me half the morning to figure that out!

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