Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Julie's BC RR 3 arch done

Finally finally finally! I lost my DMC 840 again, not sure why I have such trouble with that color but I certainly will avoid it in the future ;o) I'm in the home stretch of the BC Summer Row also, plus I bought different finishing materials for SanMan's Hope so expect to see some fun photos soon. Did lots of evening stitching and blew off chores the last few days, wish I could do that every night! But to stitch I have to give up snuggle time with John :P In fact, I need to move sofas, etc. in the living room today so I won't freeze while stitching and John won't boil on the other wall.

Now what to stitch next? So many choices, grrrr! I've got my ornament issues out and am scoping out possible presents in earnest, someone pointed out it's only 48 days today. I organized a lot of my freebies this past weekend while watching the last 6 episodes of MacLeod's Daughters with my sister. I can't stitch during that show, I think most of you who have seen the cast can figure out why ;o)

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