Wednesday, November 09, 2005

New project

Finished BC Summer Row last night! I even have a perfect frame for it, although I need to paint it I think :P Pic will be here once framed. I think it turned out well, especially the little fish I did instead of the seagull. I added little beads for "bubbles" and a shiny green bead for his eye and that brought it all together. Here we have the start of my new lunchtime project, should finish by the end of the week most definitely! It is a freebie from a french site, my new obsession. Will post actual credits, link, etc. another day soon. I'm stitching this on some R & R Reproductions linen using Vicki Clayton's Dragon Blood silk and am really pleased. Now what to do for a home project?? I REALLY need to make a list of projects to do. I have a folder I keep with stuff I want to do NOW but it's so full it's I *should* be working on Christmas, guess that I should prioritize, especially since I wanted to do some charity ornies and they need to be done soon.

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