Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Stitching Slump

Well, maybe not a slump? I really WANT to be stitching, just can't seem to get to it this week. Last night I was able to be home all night (wow, no scouts, no meetings, no gym, nada) and worked on moving my office around to accomodate John's desk. I got it about half done, with a lot of mess and a ton of "long lost" stash FOUND, so that was a bonus. Now I wonder what to do with the stash though??? LOL

I had thought to take a break on Julie's RR and my BC Summer Row and stitch up SanMan's Hope freebie for a friend who is having a breat removed next week, but I need to have it done by friday and it's not started yet. Not even kitted yet!! It's not a huge piece, but considering today we have family tutoring, then dinner company, then scouts/my church girls tonight I doubt much stitching will be happening. As soon as we get home it'll be the whole bed routine and then dishes/laundry and once again bed :o/ That will leave tomorrow, and I doubt I can get it all stitched and then finished off in one night, especially since I won't able to just sit all night. I won't give up hope though ;o) And if I finish it for after her surgery that's fine, just wanted to give it to her on friday. On the BC row I have A-G to go and then I'm done!!! On Julie's I still haven't made progress, may have to have that be my lunchtime piece since I only seem to get stuff done then!

Lots of Halloween pics to share but not today! Also, got approved for a Cyberstitchers album so I'm slowly uploading to it bit by bit, been on the waiting list for awhile!

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